How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Apartment

Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Apartment

As much as people love cats the love for dogs is also not less. It is important to understand that if you cat-proof your apartment it doesn’t mean that your apartment is also dog proof. The reason behind this is that both of them are completely different animals and that is why it is important to dog proof apartments in NC.

If you are an apartment finder chartotte NC, following are the steps that you should follow in order to proof your apartment for dogs:

Health: It is important to know that unlike cats, the dogs are scent oriented animals and they get attracted towards smell. Therefore, it is important to remove and keep away all your shoes clothes or any other small objects such as jewelry, watch, toys or anything else which can be ingested by your dog. Another aspect here is that dogs tend to chew anything and everything that they see. Hence it is important not to leave any sort of exposed wires or cable cords of any sort of appliances and keep them away from the reach of your dog. You should understand that dogs might as well chew on certain plants which can be very dangerous for their health. If you have plants in your house it is important to limit the access of your dog to these plants and any other hazardous object which can be swallowed ingested by a dog should be kept away from its reach.

Washroom: Washroom is no doubt the most dangerous place for your dog. There are so many things around that can pose as health hazards for your pet. There are so many moth balls (naphthalene balls) lying around which can be ingested by your dog which may lead to several health problems and even death Secondly there might be several sharp objects in your washroom such as razor and scissors which might injure your dog. Your toilet might as well get contaminated by the germs if your dog comes near it and this can lead to several infections as well. If you own a dog then each time you use the toilet before leaving your bathroom you should always put down the lid of the toilet.

There are a few other things you could do to completely dog proof rental apartments in Charlotte. It is important to keep away all the potentially dangerous foods from your dog (apart from limiting access to kitchen) these dangerous foods which can be poisonous for your dog and should be kept away. The best example of such a food would be chocolates.

Lastly it is always advisable to keep a strict vigil on your dog. You could also use a cage where you could keep your dog till the time it is completely trained. Also it is important to keep an eye on each and every activity of your dog to ensure the safety of your apartment and above all the safety of your dog.