Hiring a Leasing Agent – Know How to Do It

Hiring a Leasing Agent

The process of apartment hunting is not easy at all. Perhaps it is the involvement of a large number of complicated processes such as searching for leasing agent, inspection of the new apartment, identity verification of the agent and owner and so many other things that complicate it. Hiring a leasing agent is not easy and it is perhaps the most complicated process. So if you are an apartment finder in NC then the following points/tips will help you hire the best leasing agent possible.

1. Track record: If you are finding apartments in Charlotte, then looking for leasing agent is not an easy thing to do. There are several things you should know about your leasing agent, starting from the track record; you should do a nice and complete background search on your leasing agent. Check if he has some present disputes going on with some other tenants and if all of his clients are happy and contended with his services. Secondly you should check if there is some court case against your agent and if the verdict has been given by the court on the case or not. Also it is important to ensure that your leasing agent is not running a scam business. Such people obtain the full payment of the apartment from their clients and disappear. If you do not want to get cheated on by your leasing agent, verify his identity. Before you sign a contract/deal with him, ask for a valid identity proof. This proof could be a driving license, his passport or any proof of identity issued by the government. This will prevent any kind of identity theft or any other issue.

2. Legal Documentation: Do not sign any legal document without reading it completely. After a thorough reading, understand all the implications associated with the document. Sign the document only after the verification of the identity of the leasing agent.

3. Payment: Never make full payment to your leasing agent. There a lot of scams that happen due to full payment. If your leasing agent asks for full payment, always insist on making down payments or part payment. Also, pay extra attention to the amount that you giving as down payment. There is no use of making down payment if the amount you pay as down payment is almost the same as the total price of your apartment. Pay only a fixed percentage of the total price of the apartment as down payment. Usually this percentage is indicated in the legal documentation and ensures that you do not end up paying more than this amount.

4. Closing the deal: Once you have decided on the apartment which you are going to choose, the next step is to close the deal. The deal should be closed cleanly. Do not make any personal negotiations/bets with your leasing agent under influence. If he tries to make such offers that you do not want to accept, simply say “no”. Close the deal in the presence of a lawyer so that you are aware of all the terms of the agreement.